Get A Ph.D. In Nursing For Climbing The Ladder Of Success With Various Career Opportunities

Get A Ph.D. In Nursing For Climbing The Ladder Of Success With Various Career Opportunities


A nursing degree does not end with school after earning an Associate degree in Nursing (AND) or Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN). There is much more to this profession and so much to go beyond the undergraduate level. It was noted by The Future of Nursing that since there have been major changes in the US Healthcare system and practice environment, there also need to be significant changes in the education of nurses. 

Therefore, one of their recommendations was to increase the number of nurses with a doctoral degree. Since then, more emphasis is being placed on increasing the number of PhD-prepared nurses. 

Online Ph.D. in Nursing

A Ph.D. in Nursing is a doctoral degree which is one of the highest degrees you can earn in any profession. This degree prepares you for a career in nurse research, and nursing education and can also be useful in preparing for administrative or private practice. 

Some nurses choose to complete their advanced degree sooner in their careers, but the many prefer to go back to online school for earning advanced credentials as per their schedules. offers nursing online PhD programs that can help you get the education and experience you need to complete the best nursing jobs. 

The site was created to provide prospective and current PhD-level students with a suitable resource for all things related to earning a Ph.D. online.

For an online Ph.D. program in nursing, the site compiles a list of the top Ph.D. programs to assist you with various schools that have been evaluated on their curriculum, reputation, faculty, and student support services. So, whether you are looking to become a nurse educator or a researcher, their list will help you select the perfect program for you.

Let’s see how a Ph.D. degree in nursing can help to make a real difference in the nursing field, now and in the future.

Acknowledged expert

A doctorate in nursing will make you a respected authority as you will be valued among other doctorate-educated medical professionals.

Influence health care and policies

You can become a nurse researcher and can be called upon to advise lawmakers about making potential policy changes. You will be responsible for advancing the nursing field as a whole.

Administrative role

A Ph.D. degree can get you the job of a nurse director or other supervisory position. The degree imparts the management and leadership skills that are needed for the role of a nurse administrator. 

Nurse educator

There is a shortage of qualified nursing practitioners. Do you know why? It’s because there are not enough qualified nurse educators to teach them. Nursing schools around the country are struggling for recruiting qualified nursing staff so that they can maintain their accreditations.

With a Ph.D., you could educate hundreds of students and pave their path into the nursing profession.

Open your practice

Nurse practitioners can open their independent practices in most U.S. states. The administrative and management skills you will learn during your doctorate education will prepare you for advanced practice and would be beneficial while running your practice. 

A Ph.D. in Nursing can take you to the top of your career path whether you are aiming for research opportunities, a teaching position, or practicing on your own.