Questions to ask while conducting online surveys

Questions to ask while conducting online surveys

If suddenly you personally or the company you work for need to find out the opinion of people on any issue, then the easiest and most common way to resolve the issue is to создать анкету and conduct a sociological survey.

Issues you inquire about

We believe that open-ended questions will be the most beneficial to you. Those to which the user will be able to respond in detail and in his own words, rather than simply selecting from a number of options. We recommend that you divide the issues that you will inquire about into three categories:

  • Drivers: What draws visitors to your website?
  • Barriers: Why are some users unable to “convert”?
  • Hooks: What entices other users to “convert”?

The remaining questions were developed through experiments and direct work with feedback, so this is only a rough list. However, prior to creating your own polls, consider the most common failures.

Creation of user portraits

User portraits, or so-called personas gather information about who your users are, what they want, and what might hold them back. Personas are extremely beneficial for business development. They assist in determining what the various user groups on the website are looking for, what they buy, and how they use the product. so that you can make real people’s user experience better.

Set a poll to appear after 30 seconds on pages that get a lot of traffic, like the home page. What questions to ask:

  • Describe yourself in one sentence
  • What is the main purpose of your visit to the site?
  • What’s stopping you from making a purchase right now?

In point of fact, you simply cannot afford to not solicit feedback. You will never be able to create a great user experience if you do not understand how users perceive the website and the reasons behind their actions.