Final thesis: What are its components?

Do you dream of successfully completing one or another course of study? In this case, the final work will simply be inevitable – it will have to be prepared qualitatively, in accordance with all requirements. It only remains to add that the final thesis and its preparation is indeed a very broad topic – if we want to talk about the work of this type of writing, there will be many different points to suggest. Of course, for many reasons, it would not be possible to discuss all aspects in one article, but we are not going to do this – this time we will focus on just one aspect. This is the Final Thesis and its components. As you know, the final work, like many others, is composed of certain components. What are they? How to prepare them properly? What is the most important thing to look out for? What aids do you use? These are the questions that every student wants to know. Just add that the answers to these questions are really and will soon give you the opportunity to know them, and we still want to mention some more important points. One of them is why is it important to know the answers to the questions you just mentioned? Everything is very good – only if you know the answers to these questions and follow the recommendations given, you will be able to do a really great job. no less important is the other detail: students often imagine writing this work as a very hard and demanding job. And indeed, the truth in this statement is, but it is worth remembering that even the most difficult works are overcome much faster and easier if we break them down into parts. It is obvious that the components in this case are a great choice – if you write the work in parts, the whole process will be much easier to overcome.


It is often joking that this is the easiest and most likely to be part of the final thesis. And in fact – if you want to properly prepare a cover page, you just need to follow a few simple instructions and take a few minutes.


This is another part of this work. If you take the time it will take too little time. What is the essence of this part of the work? Everything is very simple – in this part of the work you only have to say the essence of the whole work in just a few sentences. Just add that the summary is usually written when all the work is finished. The summary should be prepared in Lithuanian and English. So, just add that in order to prepare this part of the final work properly, you need to have excellent English skills or professional translator services.


After the summary – a row of content. Content preparation is usually not difficult, and its final version is only prepared after the work is finished. Well, before that you have to prepare a draft of the content – in order to have a clear picture of what your final thesis will consist of. It only remains to add that methodological guidelines should be followed when preparing content.


Although there is very little room for introduction compared to other parts of the work, it does not mean that you can pay little attention to preparing this part of the work – on the contrary, attention, care and insight in preparing the introduction should be very much, because how successful you decorate In addition, the success of the future work will depend on the introduction of the work, in other words, if you make mistakes in the introduction, they will accompany you throughout the work. So, just add that the introduction has to be prepared in a very responsible way, and the most important elements of it are the theme of the work, the purpose, the object and the tasks you will aim for.

Theoretical part

Each written work must have a theoretical part. It is only necessary to add that the latter must also be prepared in a responsible manner, carefully, and the purposeful selection of information sources. The good news is that there are a lot of sources of information that are really helpful in preparing the theoretical part. These are the guides, notes, reports, databases, and so on. Another important detail is usually the amount of information sources to be used in the preparation of the theoretical part. It is ideal if you follow this recommendation.

Practical part

After the theoretical part of the work is prepared, it is time to move on and practical. Usually the volume of this part is 30 – 50 percent longer than the volume of the theoretical part. The practical part analyzes the results of one or several studies. It only remains to add that research can be very diverse, so it is very important to be able to choose the one that would best serve the purpose of the introduction. It is also important to present the data obtained attractively. This can be done through appropriate support tools such as charts or graphs.


Have you already prepared the practical part? Great, in this case you can go to one of the last parts of the final work – conclusions. Students often argue that the conclusions are one of the easiest parts of the work. And how else – after all, it is only a matter of summarizing the results of the research.


Of course, the final work will certainly not be called properly prepared if it does not contain a list of literature, so it is very important to keep in mind this part. Preparing a list of literature is also not complicated – you only have to follow some methodological requirements, but it must be emphasized that the students who prepared the whole work often stumble upon preparing the list of literature. It turns out that a large number of students in the wrong order provide information about the sources of information.


Although the attachments are not a necessary part of this work, it is only necessary to add that such a section should be prepared if there are any research-related data or aids you wish to provide to the lecturers.

So we have already listed all the final part of the thesis: title page, summary, content, introduction, theoretical and practical parts, conclusions and appendixes – all of these parts must form your final thesis.